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Product Lifecycle Management

PLM systems have been the backbone of our company and we’ve worked with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. However, it’s our ability to help customers in any industry solve specific problems that has kept us in business for over 15 years.

Industry solutions

Beyond the fashion industry, we have developed end-to-end solutions for both the auction and oil & gas service and supply industry. Our browser-based solutions help to automate steps in our clients’ workflow.

Research and Development

We’re a curious and competitive group. We’re constantly examining changing technology in both hardware and software so we can provide the best solutions for our clients.

How we benefit you

Our solutions deliver robust functionality in many areas
of product lifecycle
management. Here are a few commonalities that benefit our customers:

Improves communication between operators and customers

Delivers "what if" scenarios based on a network of inputs

Gathers customers requirements in a manageable manner

Gain increased customer feedback and analytics

Manages the complexities of regulation / compliance / monetary exchange

Track quality assurance and history

Link the development process with forecasting abilities

Tracking of all variables (cost, materials, customer feedback)

View real-time reports via user specific KPI dashboard

Deeper personnel management with security level assignment

For Auction specific management:

  • Automate customer registration onsite and online
  • Integration of cashier and billing systems
  • Live site functionality for bidder and auctioneers

From our success with Soletech, here are some samples of how quickly investing in a system can save money on time wasted.

Initial Labour Savings as Annual Manhout
Online First
Our products were developed to be browser-based from the beginning, long before the “Cloud” and “SaaS” were popular buzzwords amongst our competition. For us, online functionality is not an add-on or an afterthought.

Benefits for you:
Scalable and Flexible

Add people to the system without the need for special hardware or IT involvement.

Collaborate Easier

Customers and 3rd parties can engage without having to install software.

Always Up To Date

Software is automatically upgraded without deployment.

Agile Development
We’re agile. We ensure our solutions are future-ready and that we are responsive to your changing needs. We embrace the following principles in our development:

Ensure maximum customer satisfaction

Openness to re-assessing requirements and taking feedback during development

Design solutions in smaller pieces so they can be assessed and implemented quicker

Maintain close cooperation between our clients and developers

Real, human communication to all stakeholders

Working software is the principal measure of progress

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design

Simplicity is essential

Self-organizing teams

Regular adaptation to changing circumstances and technology

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