Product Development

In times of incoming recession, a LEAN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS plays a pivotal role in creating profit margins that allow businesses to sustain growth.

In the past, product development inefficiencies were compensated through sales volumes, while in today's shrinking marketplace that is not an option.

Successful businesses needs to keep a close watch on target price; while keeping a finger on the pulse of the market and making real time adjustments to the product line and process.

FTI’s system helps deliver innovative products to market faster by streamlining communication between product development teams, suppliers and their customers.

CPD offers users an end-to-end collaborative product development solution that covers every aspect of the product development process.


  • Improves communication between product development teams and their suppliers.
  • CPD offers users an end-to-end collaborative product development solution.
  • Enhanced visibility and collaboration.
  • CPD allows authorized developers and suppliers to make changes to the product data at anytime.
  • As changes are made, , the information is updated in real time and propagated across the development chain.
  • The entire extended team is notified of any last minute changes.
  • Multi-currency/dynamic exchange rate features work to calculate currencies within the system by taking into account current exchange rates.  This is particularly useful when the product components calculated by suppliers are expressed in NT$ and FOB price in US$.